Monday, October 12, 2009

Kevin's, Coin Math, October 12 2009,

Hey , I think the homework for this weekend was to chose 2 questions from the slide that Mr.Harbeck made with all of our questions . Your questions had to be 1 purple question and 1 question that was either red or blue . You also had to answer the question " How many coins are in the jar if you got them from the bank ? "

My purple question is :

How much money is in half the jar ?

Since their is $100 in the jar, I think that in half the jar their would be $50 dollars , because 100 / 2 = 50

My blue or red question is :

How full is the jar ?

When you look at the jar , it looks that it is 75% full or 3/4 full , because if you cut the jar into 4 parts it will show that one part isn't full .

My last question is :

How many coins are in the jar ? - you got them from the bank

I estimated that about 100 coins would be in the jar if you used American currency :

Pennies - 72.2
Nickles - 12.5
Dimes - 9.5
Quarters - 5.3

72.2 + 12.5 + 9.5 + 5.8 = 100%


PART 2 !

1. If you start dropping coins in the the jar on January 1 , 2010 . What day would you finish filling up the jar with $Can and $US ?

If you start with the Canadian dollars you will finish on January 6th 2011 because their is 365 days in a year and you needed 370 coins .

Now for the $US dollars , you will fill up the jar in 3 years and 185 days which is May 4th 2013 ! I got my answer by counting all the days in the months until i got to 185 days .

How I did it :
January + February + March + April + 4 Days in May = 185 DAYS !

2.How full is the Canadian jar ?

The Canadian jar is 1/4 full because the American jar is 3/4 or 75% full , so the Canadian jar looks like it must be 1/4 or 25% full . I'm sorry if its wrong i just guessed / estimated my answer .


  1. Good job kevin, i liked how you explained your work but you could've used more colour.

  2. I like the way you explained the blue or red questoin but it's much better if you show us using a diagram

    good job anyways

  3. nice job kevin, very............... "eye-catching"

    you could have explained it more and had a more practical answer for the coins


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