Sunday, October 18, 2009

Laura's Late Homework

Hey everybody!!!

Sorry this is so late, but I saved it under the wrong folder.

In the beginning of the year, we worked on the Math Links textbook in page 23. Here is question 2:

a) Sophie surveyed here friends on their favorite flavour of ice cream. What information is missing from the graph?
ANSWER: The number of friends Sophie surveyed is missing from the graph.
b) How could you represent the data more accurately?
ANSWER: You could represent the data more accurately by adding how many people were surveyed. Here is a website that explains how to make a circle graph.
Thanks for reading my post! (Sorry again that it is so late!)


  1. Aha It's Okay Laura at least you got the homework done. I've also like how you used a picture to make people understand what you're you're thinking. Anyway Good job Laura!

  2. Jennifer's right its ok, and thanks for posting you did a great job


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