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BOB Jennifer 8-16 Ratios

Hello Everyone! Today In Class We did some ratios since there is a test tomorrow. So all I have to do is create 3 part to part ratio, 2 part to total, and 2 three part ratios. And then I have to choose one ratio and I have to turn them into a fraction,decimal, and a percent. I also will create some questions for you guys to answer at the end.

Part To Part Ratios
Green To Blues = 3:3
Red to Sliver = 2:1
Orange To Gold = 1:1

Part To Whole/Total Ratios
Blues To Total = 3:12
Reds To Total = 2:12
Orange To Total = 1:12

Three Part Ratio
Greens To Blues To Reds = 3:3:2
Orange To Yellow To Green = 1:2:3
Blues To Reds To Gold = 3:2:1

Now I have to pick a ratio and convert it into a fraction,decimal and ratio. I also need to do an equivalent fraction.






Equivalent fractions

Now time for you to answer some of my questions :]

1. Create A Part To Part Ratio using the crayon picture and then convert it to a decimal then explain how you did it.

2. What is the percent of the Purple to blue ratio?

3. What is an equivalent fraction to Blues To Reds To Gold?

Part 2
1.What were the mistakes you made on your test. Show examples of answers that were wrong. What was your mistake. How will you remember what to do in future tests?

One of the questions I did wrong on the test were question 12,13, and 14.
The question was..

In a group of 84 students surveyed,the ratio of student preference is seven oatmeal eaters to four granola eaters to three toasted O eaters.

12. Of the 84 students, how many prefer oatmeal?

13. Of the 84 students, how many prefer granola?

14. What Percent (to one decimal place) of the group prefers toasted O's?

At first I thought about what was the ratio is. Which is 7:4:3. Next thing I thought was the amount of students. So I was thinking about percents. But I was kinda not sure if the answers I thought were right.(Since I was using the calculator) So I estimated it. For oatmeal was 58, granola was 28, and question 14 was 3%. But I was wrong.

The mistakes I've made through the test were...
1.Didn't Show Enough Work on how I got the answer
2.I didn't put it into the very lowest terms
3.I've forget to put a word ratio on every ratio I've made

How will I remember what do in future test is that I'll try looking at some of the examples I've written down and try to memorize it.

2.Rewrite 2 questions that gave you difficulty with different numbers. Answer the questions correctly in the comments to your blog. Encourage others to participate at your blog by getting them to answer your questions.

A) A picture frame has a width to length ratio of 7:9. If the width of the photo is 11, then what is the length ?

B) Use the data below to determine which sports teams have equivalent scored by to scored ratios.

Team Scored by Scored Against
Baseball Team A 30 24
Basketball Team A 345 276
Hockey Team A 18 22

Well I hope you enjoy my post!


  1. Answers For My Questions :]

    1. Purple To Red = 1:2 It is 0.5 when it is converted into a decimal. How I did is I turned the ratio to a fraction then I divide 1 by the denominator then times it by the nominator

    2. Purple To Blue = 1:3

    3. The equivalent fraction for Blues To Red To Gold is 6:4:2

  2. 1)purple:blue - 1:3 0.35 I diveded 100 by 3
    3)3:2:1 = 6:4:2

  3. Q1
    -yellow to blue 2:3..for me to get the decimal is first put the ratio into fraction which is 1/2.Then you divide the numerator to denominator which equals to 0.5.

    -purple to blue 1:3

    - blues to reds to gold 3:2:1...equivalent fraction is 9:6:3


  4. Good job Jennifer!

    1)Purple to red 1:2 o.5 I did this by dividing 1 by 2.


    3)3:2:1- you can't make a fraction out of a 3 term ratio

  5. 1. Gold to Purple
    1 : 1
    1.00 I got 1 by dividing 1 by 1.
    2.Purple to blue
    1 : 3
    3. Blues To Reds To Gold
    3 : 2 : 1

  6. Answers For Part 2!

    A) W:L = 7:9 = 11:?
    9/7 equals 1.3
    Soo I have to times 11 by 1.3 it equals 14.3

    The length of the photo frame is 14.3

    B)For Baseball 30/24 equals 1.25
    For Basketball 345/276 equals 1.25
    For Hockey 18/22 equals 0.8181818181818181818182

    So The Baseball and the Basketball are equivalent :]


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