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Warren's Coin Math, Oct. 12/ 09

Coin Math
Question one) If you put one coin a day in the jar how long till the jar is filled
Well... if you put only pennies in the jar it would take 10,000 days to fill the jar
If you put only nickles in it would take you 2,000 days to fill the jar
If you put only dimes in the jar it would take 1,000 days
If you put only quarters in the jar it would take 400 days
Question two) How much money is in half the jar
Well... if the jar was cut in half it wouldn't exactly be 50 dollars, because the jar isn't completely full, it depends on what coins are on the top two quarters, and how many coins are on the top half of the jar.
My estimation is that there would be around 25-35 dollars because the coins look evenly spread out, it depends on how many coins, and the values are on the top.
Part Two
How long would it take to fill the jar??
The U.S.A. coins are 1 cent piece, the 5 cent piece, and the 25 cent piece
What we did in class today was we made ratios, and tables.
You have to use one roll of of each of the the coins.
In a 1 cent roll there are 50 coins (1 cent) in the 5 cent roll there are 40 coins, in the 10 cent roll there is 50 coins, and in the 25 cent roll there is 40 coins
To make a number that is friendly with 100 we used 2 rolls of pennies, 2 rolls of nickles, 2 rolls of dimes and 1 roll of quarters to equal $25. To get one hundred you must multiply 25 by 4.
The number of coins we used to make $100 we multiplied the 1 cent and the 10 cent roll by 8 to equal 400 coins per the rolls. (50x8= 400), And we multiplied the 5 cent roll by 8 to equal 320 coins. And we also multiplied the 25 cent rolls by 4 because we only used one roll of quarters to equal 160 coins. In order to equal $100 we used 1280 coins
We also made ratios, and tables on the Canadian coins. But we added two coins one is the loonie and the other is the toonie.
We made $100 by using two rolls of pennies, two rolls of nickles, two rolls of dimes, one roll of quarters, one roll of loonies, and one roll of toonies.
The values of the rolls : pennies, nickles, dimes, and the quarters all stay the same. But the loonies and toonies there are 25 coins in one roll. The loonie is worth one dollar, and the toonie is worth two dollars.
We multiplied the pennie, and the dime by 2 with 50 coins in each roll, to equal 100 coins. (50x2=100). We also multiplied the nickle by 2 also but there is only 4o coins in a roll... so it equals 80 coins. We multiplied the loonie and the toonie by one to equal 25 coins. Last but not least we multiplied the quarters by one because that is all we needed to make $100, there is 40 coins in a roll of quarters. The number of coins we used to make 100 dollars is 370 because 100+100+80+40+25+25=370
If you used the american coin method it would take you 3 years and five months to make $100
If you used the canadien coin method it would take you 1 year and like 5 days.


  1. Hey Warren , I liked how you explained your work , but you should have added a diagram to make it more clearer to others .

    Btw, nice post !

  2. Good job warren! i think you putted alot of thought of it. good job!

  3. Nice job Warren! I think you explained it well?
    good job!

  4. good job warren you should tell us how you got those days..well done any anyways because you explained it well.

  5. good job warren, if you had explained how you got your answers more clearly,

    you also spelt canadian wrong 0.0

  6. good job. I liked how you used colours and explained every thing, i was long. I think you should have put a picture or something to make it seem more interesting.

    but you still did a good job:)


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