Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nhea's, Coin Math #2,Oct.13/09

Coin math #2.....

Question #1 - How long full is the jar?

Well compared to the American coin jar, the Canadian coin jar seems to be only 1/4 full.

Question #2 - How long will it take to fill the Candian coin jar if you put 1 coin in a day starting January 1, 2010?

Well if you fiil it with only pennies it would only take 370 days to fill and you would be done by, January 5 2011.

But if you used every coin possible it would take 1,480 days to fill the jar and you would be done by, January 1, 2014, because if 370 is 1/4 of the jar then, 370 x 4 equals 1,480.

1 cent - 1, 000
5 cents - 400
10 cents - 10
25 cents - 40
1$ -20
2$ - 10


  1. nice job nhea, well explained but i think that the picture is a bit off. I believe that 1/4 of the jar should be more then 370 as 400 is 1/3 of 1200. You also could have put the total amount of coins you think would be in that jar

  2. good work i liked your diagram and the colours.
    maybe next time explain things more and for the first question say how you know how much it equals

  3. good job nhea! i kinda agree with ronny your explanation was awesome but your picture was pretty hard to understand.. and yeah.. i think 1/4 of the canadian jar is probably more than 370 but.. your close. Good job though, keep it up!


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