Sunday, October 18, 2009

Runcel's Scribepost Question.no9 +11

9. Use the data about wins and losses on school teams to answer the questions.

a) Which sports have equivalent win–loss
ratios? Show how you know.

*I think volleyball

because the 10
can be divided
by 2 and you get 5.

*or you can simflify the 10
and you get 5.

b) What is the ratio of wins to total games played for hockey? Give your answer as a fraction, a decimal, and a percent.
31 over.

*fraction * decimal -0.62 * percent- 62%

11:) What tiles could be represented by each of the following ratios?

a:) 1 to 5 - blue to white
* two term ratio*

b:) 1 : 6 : 5
- blue to orange to white
* three term ratio*

c:) 1 Over 2 - Blue Over white, orange

D:)11 Over 12 -orange, white Over Total

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  1. Great Job Runcel! I liked how the answers have been told, but you could have explain how you got the answer. By the way, love the pictures!

  2. good job! very well explained..but for question 9 letter A you should explain how you got the decimal and the percent.


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