Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Justin816 COIN MATH

Part 1 :
Question 1. If you put one coin a day in the jar how long would it take to fill the jar?
- You could put a penny a day and the jar would be filled in 10, 000 days.
- You could put a nickel a day and it would take 2000 days.
- You could put a dime a day and it would take 1000 days.
- Last of all, you could put a quarter a day and it would take 400 days.
Question 2. What kind of graph would be best to display how many quarters, nickels, pennies, and dimes are in the jar?
- I think a bar graph would be best to display the data because it would show the data very clearly, or a circle graph would be good too.

Thanks for reading! :)

Part 2
If you started dropping coins into the jar on January 1,2010, what day would you finish filling up the jar?
If the jar was filled with all american coins, it would have 1280 coins in it. This filled up 3 quarters of the jar. If you find how much coins can fit in the whole jar it will make this problem easier. So what you do is find how much 1280 divided by 3 multiplied by 4 is. This gives you about 1707.
( 1280 divided by 3 = 426.67, 426.67 x 4 = 1706 .67)

So if there is 1707 coins in there jar it would take me approximately 4.79 years to fill the whole jar by putting one coin in it each day. 1707 divided by 356 = 4.79
So it would take be around 4 years, i don't know how to explain .79 so what I'm thinking that it is 79 percent of the year, and that would be around 284 days, Approximately 4 years and 284 days,
That would be October 11, 2014.

How much of the jar is filled with Canadian coins ?
The jar has 370 coins in it. We've found out that 3/4 of the jar is 1280 , so if you divide that by 4 you get 320 , so now we know its more than 1/4 of the jar. So I'm guessing its around 27-30 percent of the whole jar, sorry I couldn't find the exact amount but i tried as hard as I could.



  1. Hello, I'm from the University of Regina. The blog your class has looks a lot more fun than the assignments my teachers made us do. Do you prefer this to a regular classroom?

  2. good job justin, i think your solution to getting the total amount of coins is quite unique, i got 1350. Great use of your colour and nice spacing.

    Too bad you only get half marks for this =[

  3. i think so i quite dont understand , and thanks ron

  4. goo job! for part one question no.1 it would be better if you could tell us how`d you got the answers..i like how you explained part question no.2..even though you don`t know whats the exact amount at least you know that it`s more than 1/4

  5. great work it was long and explained well. you used the colours good,but maybe make a diagram and if you can't make one then you can make a picture of something math thats in the post

  6. good job Justin.. i agree to all the people who commented.. the solutions are very unique. but on the part two question 2, the answer was a little confusing. but good job..keep it up!


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