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BOB On Ratios by. Bruce 8-16

Hey guys,

Today Mr.Harbeck told us to create ratios on the picture we use and comment on them in our comments section.

Pt. 1
Harbeck told us to use...

1)Part to Part-2 term ratio
2)Part to Whole- 2 term ratio
3)Part to Part to Part- 3 term ratio
4)Part, Part, Part to whole-2 term ratio

To create ratios.

1) greens to blues
3 : 3
2) greens to whole
3 : 12
3) gold to greens to blues
1 : 3 : 3
4) greens, blues, orange to total
3 , 3 , 1 : 12

Pt. 2
Harbeck also told us to create questions about the ratios and answer them in the comment box.

1) What type of ratio terms are the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4.

2) Give an example of an equivalent fraction.

3) Give an example of a simplified fraction.

Don't forget to study for the ratio test on Wednesday. Don't forget to study the numbers Harbeck gave us in the homework book.


Hey guys,

Harbeck told us to make a scribepost on the test.

1)What were the mistakes you made on your test?
Some of the mistakes I made on the test were Question #18.
The question was...
In a student election Carol gets 60% of the voted. If there were 485 votes cast, how many votes did carol get.
My answer was this.
0.595 x 100=59.5
59.(5)rounded up=60
carol got 289 votes
My mistake was forgetting to use a table ratio.
I will remeber that when you get a percentage question you should use a ratio table.

2)Write 2 questions that gave you difficulty on the test answer them in your comments section.

Question # 8
A picture frame has a width to length ratio of 5:7. If the width of the photo is 9cm, the length of the photo is

a)11 cm b)12.6 cm c)14 cm d)16 cm

Question # 7
A rapid transit train has 39 passengers on it as it starts it's run. At the first stop 12 passengers get off and 18 passengers get on. What is the ratio of the number of passengers who were on the train as it arrived in the first station to the number who were on the train when it left the first station? Express your answer in lowest terms.

a)2:3 b)13:15 c)18:12 d)27:39

Please leave a comment on the questions.


  1. QUESTION 1.
    1 is a part to part ratio term(2 term ratio)
    2 is a part to whole ratio term(2 term ratio)
    3 is a part to part to part ratio term(3 term ratio)
    4 is a part, part, part to whole ratio term(2 term ratio)

    an equivalent fraction can be

    2/3=4/6 I multiplied each number in the first fraction by 2. what you do to one side you do to the other.

    a simplified fraction can be

    6/12=2/4 I divided each number in the first fraction by 3. what you do to one side you do to the other.

  2. Q1
    1 is part-to-part ratio.
    2 is part-to-whole ratio.
    3 three term ratio.
    4 two term ratio.

    blue to pink (3:2)
    blue to pink (9:6)
    what i did is i multiplied 3 by 3 to get 9 then i also multiplied 2 by 3 to get 6.because what ever you did to the the 1st side you have to do the same thing to the other

    2:12 (pink to total)
    because i divided 2 by 2 which equals to 1 then i also divided 12 by 2 which equals to 6.

    if you divide the 1st side by 2 you have to do the same thing to the other side
    good job your post is very easy to understand

  3. 1) Part to Part Ratio
    2) 2/3 - 4/6
    3) 8/16 - 1/2

    Good job Bruce! :)

  4. 1.a) part-to-part ratio
    b) part-to-whole ratio
    c) three term ratio
    d) two term ratio
    2. gold to green - 1:3 - 2:6
    3.yellow to total - 2:12 - 1:6

  5. 1)I don't really get what your asking
    2)2/4 = 1/2
    3)14/12 = 7/6

  6. Question 8

    5 : 7
    9 : 12.6

    Answer is b)12.6

    Question 7

    On : Left
    Divide by 3 39 : 45 Divide by 3
    13 : 15
    Answer is b)13 : 15


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