Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ratio Homework



3. Give two examples of how ratios are used in daily life, Share your ideas with a classmate.
4. The fraction 4/2 can be interpreted as two part out of a total of five part. Use a diagram to show an example of this part to whole ratio.


3. Cooking can be used as how ratio's are used in our daily lives because, if you want to cook some cupcakes for your friends you have to know how many friends your giving cupcake to. So it is depending on the number of friends you have and how many cupcakes you want/need to make.

The weather can be used to show how ratio's are used in our daily lives because, if it's supposed to rain there's a 2:4 chance that it's gonna rain that's a 50% percent chance that it would rain.

4. 2:3


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  1. Amazing Job Jasmine! You've explained the answers to the question very nicely. The example for question 3 you used was a nice way to represent how we used the ratios in our daily lives. Amazing Job Jasmine once again!


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