Tuesday, October 13, 2009

coin math, part 1 & 2, oct.13, tamika816

There is a jar of American coins it equals 100 dollars. Here is what I am figuring out about the jar.

Q1) How many coins did it take to fill the jar?
A) If you use Pennies, Nickles, Dimes, and Quarters you would use 1280 coins.
That is if you use only American coins. You would use 400 Pennies, 320 Nickles, 400 Dimes, and 160 Quarters. I got that by using a ratio table.

Q2) How full is the jar?
A) I think that there are alot of coins in the jar and it takes up almost all of the jar. To be more detailed I think that it is about 3/4's of the way full and it can hold around 427 more coins. I got that by dividing, I took 1280 and divided it by3 to get approximately 427.


Part 2

Now I am doing it, but with Canada. Here is a graph of what I know so far. Then I'll grow on it.

Q1) How full is the Canadian jar?
A) The canadian jar has 370 coins, that is 910 less than the American jar, but it still equals 100 dollars. That is because there are Loonies and Toonies, with those you don't have to use as many coins. I think that the jar would be 57 coins away from being 1/4 full. I got that by 427+1280=1707- that is 1 coin away from being a full jar. 427 is 1/4 of the jar, I got that by 427x4(what the jar is out of)=1708- the full jar number. Then I took 427-370to equal57. Sorry if that doesn't make sence, but it does to me and thats how I found out how full it was.
Q2) If you started dropping 1 coin a day on Jan. 1/2010; What day would you finish filling up the jar with Canadian and American money?
A) It would take 1708 days. That is 4 years (1708/365=4 years & 248 days). There are 31 days in Jan, 28 in feb, 31 in mar, 30 in apr, 31 in may, 30 in jun, 31 in jul, and 31 in aug. 31+28+31+30+31+30+31+31=243 days. 248-243=5 days. That means you would finish on sept.5/2014. It would be the same number of coins for American and Canadian, but the total amount of money would be different in American.
Sorry it looks so boring i didn't have enough time to make colours. Please leave a comment!


  1. great job tamika on explaining the details on answers and the date you would finish and yadda.............................yada

    Anyway i think this is the first time i posted on one of your blogs.

    Your picture is quite unique because you included other coins in there and not just that huge penny the seems to have no end

  2. thanx ronny

    can other people comment please so i know what i did wroung and what i can change for next time

  3. nicely done tamika.. I thought it was preetty good but.. your pictures are pretty hard to see so.. get a high quality pictures, Good job!

  4. I really like your post!! it's verrrrrrrry detailed.. I also like the picture but it's kind of small and difficult to read



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