Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jomari's Scribepost, October 18,2009

On Friday, we had to do 22 questions about ratios on page 51 to 54.
Here is question 16:

Heather used a copier to make the
following 50% reduction.

a) Write the ratio of the length of A` B` compared to the length of AB.
length of A'B' to length of AB
The ratio is 1:2 .
1 : 2
b) Write the ratio of the length of A` C` compared to the length of AC.
length of A'C' to length of AC The ratio is also 1:2.
1 : 2
c) Use your knowledge of ratio and percent to explain the meaning of a 50% reduction.
50% reduction means that the picture on the right is half the size of the picture on the left in every way.

Hey guys. I hope you guys enjoyed my scribepost. Please leave a comment telling me if i`m wrong for any of my answers and how my whole post, including my answers can be improved.


  1. good job i liked how you expalined the ratios. nice pic too

  2. how did you get your should tell us how you got it..


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