Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ashams Scribebost Sept.29 pg.23 Q1(Caught up work)

Hi everybody. This homework on the blogs kinda overdue. I'll skip the intro, and just get started.

1. Travis recorded the following data about how he spends his day.

a) Making a bar graph to help argue this would be easy. On the Y axis label you would put "Time(Hours spent)", and on the X axis, you would put "Activity". Sorry I couldn't make an example graph, ms office isn't working properly.

b) Travis could distort is graph, to make his data look more aggressive, then it actually is.

Thanks for reading my post



  1. Good job on catching up asham

    You explained the answer for "a)" nicely but for "b)", you could have explained more. How would it be more aggressive? How would he distort his graph?

  2. good job you had a good use of colour and you explained it ok, but it was shortish

    i didnt really get the picture

    its good that you made this post because you took the time to make this to catch up, lots of other people didn't even try

  3. good job asham you should put the question first before the answer. so people would understand it.. nicely done though ! :)

  4. good job!your answer for letter a is very well explained ..but the answers for letter b doesn't have enough detail and it's very hard to understand what you are talking about


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