Sunday, October 18, 2009

Warren's scribepost, ratios

Question # 17)

There are 48 passengers on a transit bus. At the stop 16 of the 48 passengers got off and 12 new passengers got on.

A) what is the ratio of the passengers who got off to the total number of passengers show the ratio in lowest terms.

A) The ratio in lowest terms is 1:3 because 48/16= 1 over 3

B) What is the ratio between the number of passengers who got on at the stop and the new total of passengers.

B) The ratio is 12:44, 0.27, and 27%


  1. Good Job Warren! I liked how you explained the answer very clearly! But next time you should do something to your post that makes it stand out or add a picture to it. Anyways Good Job!

  2. Your work was good and you did a great job but you should add more colour or a picture

  3. good job! you explained it well and you also told us how you gott your answer for letter A


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