Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bob on ratio Brendan8-16

Heeey guys!

Today in math class we did our review for out test tomorow . So wee had to work on BOB on the blog . So here I go

reds to green 3:1
blue to reds 1:3
yellows to reds 4:3

green to total 15 :2 [excluding motorcycles]
cyclist to total cars 7:8

Reds to greens to black 3:2:1
Blue to reds to black 1:2:1

3:1 , 33.33% ,1/3 and 33.33333

Simplifying 15:2 is 7.5 15 divided by 2 is =7.5 .

The picture you see on top circling the cars and motorcycles this is what I used for the work on top.

1.What is the ratio between the truck and the people on the motorcycles?
2.How much people are on motorcycles than cars? present this in word and ratio
3.What is the ratio between red cars and yellow cars.


1) What were the mistakes I made one the test..
a) One mistake was, I didn't check over my answers.. Cause time was running out when I finished .

b) I didn't read the questions twice that's why I got some answers wrong.

c) I miscalculated a few questions..

How will I remember this for future tests?

I'll double check my answers, read over the questions that were difficult and triple check my calculations.

2 questions that were difficult for me were

1a) In a student election Carol gets 60% of the votes . If there were 485 votes cast,
how many votes did Carol get?

1B) Use the data in the table below to determine which sports teams have equivalent scored by to scored against ratios

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