Sunday, October 18, 2009

Karra 816 scribe post

The questions i picked were 7 and 8, here are the answers..

A) Write each ratio in a fraction form. Do no write the answers in the lowest terms.
Answer: You spent $4 out of $10, 4:10, 4/10, four dollars to ten dollars, or $4 to total.

b) A team won three games and lost 6 games. What is the ratio of games won to games played?
Answer: 3:9, 3/9, three games out of nine games, or 3 to total.

c) A bag contains 12 red and 3 blue beads. Compare the blue beads to total beads.
Answer: 3:15, 3/15, three beads out of 15 beads, or 3 to total.

d) A pond contains 27 guppies and 33 goldfish. What is the ratio of guppies to total goldfish?
Answer: 27:33, 27/33, twenty seven guppies to thirty three goldfish, or 27 to total goldfish.

8. Identify the missing number to make an equivalent fraction.
a) The missing number is 4
b) The missing number is 15
c) The missing number is 6
d) The missing number is 1
e) The missing number is 7
f) The missing number is 5

Thanks for reading my post.


  1. good job on discribing the ratios of the games won and loss

  2. good job explaining your post but how did you get your answer for no.8?


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