Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jennifer's Scribe Post Question 16

Hello Everyone!

Well Today In Class Mr.Harbeck Have Assigned us each a question for us to do for homework in the weekend. I have to do question 16.. So here it goes!

16.Heather used the copier to make the following 50% reduction

A) Write the ratio of the length of A' B' compared to the length of A B

At first I didn't get it because how should I know the length of the triangle. But then I realized that the reduction triangle looked like those tiny parts of the original triangle. It hit me! I was thinking of that the two reduction triangles are two triangles of the original. So my answer for this question is 1:2

B) Write the ratio of the length of A' C' compared to the length of A C

So This question is the same as the first question but the other side of the triangle. So The Answer would be 1:2

C) Use your knowledge of ratio and percent to explain the meaning of the 50% reduction.

So I think of this question on what is the reduction. So i'm thinking that that reduction is like 1/2 of the picture that Heather used.

Please Comment Once Finished!


  1. Good Job Jennifer i like the colours that you used

  2. VERY GOOD JOB! you explained everything welll


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