Monday, October 12, 2009

Coin Math, Asham

Ok, I'll get on with the post.
1. What graph would be best to display the data?
A bar graph would probably be best because, it would be more accurate, if you used another graph such as a line graph, it would not really make much sense. Bar graphs are the best graphs for comparing things.
2. What is the most common coin in the jar?
The most common coin in the jar I'd say would probably be pennies, considering right when you look at the jar you notice all of the pennies, although there are other coins in there.

Thanks for reading my post, bye.


  1. Nice post , but you should have added colour and you should have added a diagram to explain your work some more .

    Good job !

  2. Hey Asham. You made a good post, but what data would you be able to graph with a bar graph?

  3. nice job Asham.. it be really cool if you add a diagram to go with it so people would understand it more.. great job!

  4. well done! some of it are explained well but it would be better if you show us an example of the differences of the coins

  5. hey asham, great post

    more colour
    more pictures
    more details


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