Monday, October 12, 2009

Jomari's Coin Math October 12 and 13 ,2009

For the long weekend, our homework was to pick 2 questions about the coin jar and answer them.

1.What graph would be best to display the data?
A bar graph would be the best graph to show how many quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies are in the jar.
2.How many different ways can you get $100?
There are many ways to get $100 with coins
Some ways are :
400 quarters
1000 dimes
2000 nickels
10000 pennies
399 quarters and 25 pennies
999 dimes and 2 nickels

Thanks for reading my post guys! Please tell me in the comments other ways to get data from the coins to create graphs, different ways to get $100, how I could improve and how I did!

Part 2
Today we had to answer some questions. You can find the questions on
sargent park math zone

If you started dropping coins into the jar on January 1,2010, what day would you finish filling up the jar?
Today in class, we found out that there was about 1 280 American coins in the jar. These coins filled up about 3 quarters of the jar. The first thing that i should do is find out how much coins would be in a full jar.You can find this out by dividing the number of coins in the jar (1 280) by 3 and multiplying the answer by 4. This will give you the number of coins a full jar has because 1 280 coins take up 3 quarters of a jar.If you divide the 3 quarters, by 3 you get 1 quarter. If you multiply the 1 quarter by 4 then you will get 4 quarters which is 1 whole. A full jar should have about 1707 coins.
Here is a way to show your work.
_ _ _ _
÷4=426.67 426.67X4=1706.67 1706.67= 1707

If you put 1 coin in everyday it would take you 1707 days to fill the jar.
÷356days(1 year)= 4.79 years until finished.
The 281st day of the year is October 8
4(number of full years)+281+=4 years and 281 days
October 8,2014-1day during leap year = October 7,2014

How full would the jar be if the coins were all Canadian?

In class, we found out that there would be about 370 coins in the jar if they had a sum of $100
A full jar has about 1707 coins. If you round 1707 to the nearest hundred it would be 1700.You can find out one tenth of the jar by dividing 1700 by 10.One tenth of the jar would have about 170 coins. If you multiply this by 2 to get 2 tenths or 20 percent you get 340. 370 coins would fill up a little bit more than 20 percent or 2 tenths of the jar.

Hey guys thanks for reading my homework. Please tell me if you agree or disagree with my answers and why.


  1. Heeey Jomari , nice post , but you should have added a diagram to explain your work more clearly to others .

  2. well done! well explained, but i think it would be better if you show us how you get the answers for no. 2

  3. Good job jo, i liked how u described it very well

  4. hey jomari

    great explanation
    great choice of words and colour
    nice way to show you answers


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