Friday, October 16, 2009

Edmil's Scribepost October 16, 2009

This scribe will be the answer for questions 5 and 6.

5. Write each ratio using ratio notation. Do not write the answers in lowest terms.

a) $2 compared to $8
Answer: (2:8)

b) The width of the cover of this book to its length, in centimetres.
Answer: (21:26)

c) In class, 14 of 30 students are girls. What is the ratio of boys to girls to total students?
Answer: (16:14:30)

d) Your age compared to that of a 28-year-old person.
Answer: This answer may be different from your answer because it depends on your age. (your age:28)

6. Write each ratio in #5 as an equivalent ratio in lowest terms.

a) (2:8) will be changed to (1:4)

b) (21:26) cannot be changed anything because odd numbers cannot be halfed to a whole number.

c) (16:14:30) will be changed to (8:7:15)

d) (your age:28) will not be changed to anything because some age are an odd number so it cannot be changed to any lowest terms.


  1. nicely done edmil! keep up the good work!

  2. For question no. 6 how did u get those answers..oyu should show as how to put those ratio into lowest terms..

    good job anyways

  3. Good job Edmil! I liked how you putted the right answers.. but you should talked about "how you got your answers" Anyways Good Job!


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