Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Runcel's Coin math

Question 1:) What graph would be the best to display the data?

I think bar graph would be the best graph to show the data because it will be more accurately show how many dimes, Quarters, pennies , and nickels are there in the jar.

Question 2:) How many ways can you get a $100?

ways you can get a $100
dimes, Quarters, pennies , and nickels

Here is one way:)

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  1. good job runcel, nice picture. you could have explained more about the rolls and how you got your answer

  2. good work i liked your pictures and colours but it wasn't very long maybe next time add more to it

  3. nicely done runcel!, i like how you explained the first question. on the second question how did you get the answer.. because it's pretty unique. good job,


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