Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Karra's Backscribe post, october 14,2009

Today in class we learned about 4 new ratios.

The names of them are...
Two term ratio-- Compares two quantities measured in the same unit's.
Written as ( a:b or a to b)

Three term ratio's - Compares three quantities measured in the same unit's.
Written as (a:b:c or a to b to c)

Part to part ratio's - Compares different parts of a group to eachother.

Part to whole ratio's - Compares one part of a group to the whole group.

We learned that the symbol ":" can also mean "to" . They both mean the same thing when it comes to ratios.

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  1. karra well done..but your suppose to put your definitions in your notes..and i think telisa is suppose to do it

    but at least we all know that you did your homework.GOOD JOB AGAIN

  2. good job you explained everything well and it was the write length

    only thing you didnt have to do the post but at least you did your jome work :) great work

  3. good job karra.. it doesn't matter how long it is.. aslong as you explained it very well. and you did it.. :)


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