Friday, October 23, 2009

Nhea's BOB2 on Ratios, 10/23/09

1.What were the mistakes you made on your test. Show examples of answers that were wrong. What was your mistake. How will you remember what to do in future tests.

My first mistake was not expressing number certain questions in the lowest terms.

My second mistake was calculating certain questions wrong.
And my third question was forgetting to write word ratios.

2.Rewrite 2 questions that gave you difficulty with different numbers. Answer the questions correctly in the comments to your blog. Encourage others to participate at your blog by getting them to answer your questions.

A)Use the data below to determine which sports teams have equivalent scored by to scored ratios.

Team Scored by Scored Against
Baseball Team A 20 16
Basketball Team A
230 184
Hockey Team A 12 8

B) Four students are running for student council president. Of 60 students polled, 30 chose Mike, 6 chose Patricia, 12 chose Brian, and the rest chose Karen. What is the ratio of votes for girls to votes for boys in the student council election? Express the ratio in lowest terms.


  1. 2. a)basball team A is equal to basketball team A

    Boys=30+12=42 - 42:18/2=21:9/3=7:3

  2. a)
    baseball team A- 10/8= 1.25
    basketball team A- 115/92= 1.25
    Hockey team A- 6/9= 0.666666666

    -baseball and basketball have equivalent scored by to scored Against.

    votes for girls to votes for boys in the student council election is


    if you put that in lowest term it would look like this:


  3. baseball team A- 5/4=1.25
    basketball team A - 57.5/46=1.25
    hockey team A- 3/4.5=0.66666666666666666666666666666667

    Baseball and the basketball team have equal scores, and score against's.

    9:6(6x4 could equal 42)
    and it could go even lower than this.


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