Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Telisa's Scribepost, October 14, 2009

Today in class we learned about the different types of ratio's.

The names of the ratio's and the definitions we talked about today are in the following...

Two term ratio's - Compares two quantities measured in the same unit's.

To compare two representition's to eachother ( measured the same... exp. A whole to a whole)

Written as ( a:b or a to b)

Three term ratio's - Compares three quantities measured in the same unit's.

To compare three representation's to eachother ( measured the same... exp. A decimal to a decimal.)

Written as (a:b:c or a to b to c)
Part to part ratio's - Compares different parts of a group to eachother.

To compare different groups of a whole to eachother.

Part to whole ratio's - Compares one part of the group to the whole group.

to compare a piece of the whole to whole.

Textbook definition

In simpler terms
Title / name

We also learned the the word 'to' can replace the ' : ' in a word scentence. They both mean the same thing when concerning ratio's.

Thank's for reading my scribepost, if you think i should add anything or if you find any error's please alert me.


  1. very well done! i like the way you put an example for each different types of ratio.It will help everybody

  2. good job it was long and you had a lot of information i liked you colour and picture

  3. good job telisa!! this is a awesome scribepost! the defenition was really clear. good job!


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