Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This is question number 18

Grade 8 students were surveyed about their weekly use of a computer.
The answer: Draw an other ways to make a graph using the information given.

Okay since I got chosen to do #
14 here are my answers and solutions! If you guys don't know about the info ill just show it right now

Two grade 8 classes collected cans for the
food drive. Ms. Chan’s class brought in
100 cans. Mr. Rajwani’s class brought in
200 cans. Luke made this graph to display
the results.

14 a) How is this graph misleading?
My answer was: The graph is misleading because the graph does not show percents and does not show data accurately meaning that there is no way of telling how much they donated cans for there food drive in the 2 classroom's.

14 b) Based on the graph, what can you conclude about the canned food drive?
My answer was:The sizes of the sectors in Graph A do not appear to coincide with their percents because that means that Mr.Rajwani's class has more then Mr.Chan's class.

14 c) Draw a different graph that is not misleading.
My answer was: Well not actually answer but here is the graph that I was suppose to do and make it
more representable.


(look down or scroll)

If you guys want a real answer instead of my circle graph well here it is! I just wanted to give you the real answer before i give you my answer so yeah

another thing....


Jennifer's Scribe Post Sept.30/09

This is For Question Number 11 :]

Charle Kept a Record Of His Math Quiz

11. A) He wants to make a distorted graph that will show a great improvement in his quiz scores. Draw a graph

B) Draw a new graph that displays the data more accurately

C) How are the two graphs different?
Well the line graph changes data over time. In which case Charles had taken 8 quizzes and his scores had gotten better. The bar graph is comparing other math quiz scores that Charles had taken.

Please Comment When Done :]

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