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Red is the question
Blue is the steps of getting the answer
Green is the answer

Herro der, during math class, period 3, during the hours of 10:50 - 11:45, Mr. H did what was called a "correction day". We had to do the questions from 4-9 on the pages of 13-15 in the school textbook (not personal one). Lucky me, I get to do question 6, and I'll show
yall how :D

First the question, without it, what is an answer? Or is that the answer to the answer that has no question which is therefor a statement with no purpose? Anyway:
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This question gives you a picture in which all data is. Using this data you are to answer the mini questions in the question number referred to as "a)" and so on.

Question "a)" asks you, 'What information does each graph provide?'.

Look at the pictograph and the line graph, hopefully I won't have to describe what those are. Now look at the x-axis and y-axis labels for the line graph, it shows the height of the plant for each week in
centimeters. The pictograph shows the very same data but symbolizes the leaves each as 20 centimeters instead of labeling them as intervals.
So the answer to the question should be height of the plant each week in centimeters.

Question "b)" asks you, "Between which two weeks did the plant grow at the same rate?"
This question may be confusing but is quite easy. What it is actually asking is, when was the growth rate of the plant, the same amount between 2 different weeks. For instance, starting from week 1, the plant growth increases by 20
centimeters or, 1 leaf in the pictograph, week 2 also increases by 20 centimeters and as does week 3, but week 4 increases by 30 centimeters instead of 20, thus breaking the chain of same growth rate. So, between the week 1 and week 3, all 3 weeks had the same consistent growth rate.
The answer is between week 1 and week 3.

Question "c)" asks, "Between which two weeks did the plant most change in height? Which graph shows this more clearly?
This question is asking, when was the growth spurt. If you read my paragraphs on question B, you will know that through week 1 to 3, the growth rate was the same of 20 centimeters, but in week 4, the growth rate was of 30 centimeters. This meaning that since the growth rate was highest after week 3 and before week 5, this would mean the 2 weeks in which the plant changed the most in height would be between week 3 and 4.
The answer to this mini question is between week 3 and 4 was the most change in height for the plant.

Question "d)" asks to "Describe one disadvantage and advantage of each graph."
To answer this question easily, you will need to include your opinion of a disadvantage for you and an advantage for you for each graph. I can not actually give you the answer for this question as it is a personal question, but I will put what I had for it down.
My answer to this question is that the line graph is good for showing changes overtime like it did now, but it is not good for comparing more then 2 types. The pictograph is an easy graph since the pictures blankly show how much each picture is, keeping the amount of pictures small for the graph reader to understand it easier, but it can be quite inaccurate with pictures that are not whole. Example, it may look like 10/20 but it may actually be 10.3/20 or 11/20.

This concludes my scribepost for today, hopefully you could understand what I was trying to explain to you, goodnight and good luck in future math classes.

P.S, if you want to know how to post a scribepost, go to your dashboard and click new post next to your current blog.


  1. wow! good job Ronny it's very detailed because you explained how to get the answer for each question...

  2. Great job Ronny it was kind of complicated but it was really good great detail!

  3. wooow ! you did a great job Ronny ! that's alot of info , you really explained it very clearly !

  4. good job you explained everything very well and put alot of stuff.

  5. Hi Ronny

    Mr Montgomery here. I teach maths to kids your age in Perth Western Australia.

    Thanks for taking the time to write in your blog. I'm sure Mr Harbeck appreciates it.

    This is a great post. You have put in a lot of effort.

  6. Awesome Job Ronny! You've explained everything perfectly! I liked that you color-coded the info and plus the picture were very easy to see. So yeah Ronny good Job Again!


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