Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gordon's Scribepost Sept.24/09

This is my scribepost and it is on question 8 page 15.

8. The table shows the decibel levels of

different sounds in the environment.

Sound Level

Leaves rustling 20 dB

Whisper 30 dB

Heavy traffic 78 dB

Lawn mower 90 dB

Hockey game 104 dB

Thunder clap 120 dB

Stock car races 130 dB

Balloon pop 157 dB

a) Use a bar graph to display the data. What is one advantage of using a bar graph?

My scanner is broken but making a graph is simple so it should be easy for whoever is reading this.

An advantage to using a bar graph is that it represents the data side by side so that it can be compared easily.

b) Could you use a line graph to display the data? Explain.

You couldn't use a line graph, at least not effectively as a line graph is better used to represent one set of data increasing or decreasing over time rather then multiple data.

c) Could you use a circle graph to display the data? Explain.

No you couldn't use a circle graph as that is used to represent data out of total 100 and this data has no specific total.

d) Would a pictograph be an effective way to display the data? Explain why or why not.

It could be a effective way as it compares the data side by side and even in relative groups making it easy for whoever's looking at it to understand.

Well that was my scribepost and even tho its 9:39 i still finished my work and again I am sorry that I couldn't put my graph up but my scanner sucks so untill next time good luck with those equations but to take your mind off that heres a great song ABOUT MATH!!


  1. well done! but i think you should put a colour so it stand out...but you explained it really well

  2. Good job a little colour would help but other than that great job

  3. VERY NICE JOB GORDON !, the colours really do stand out. and you explained it very clearly. Well done ! ;)

  4. great work you put alot of information and its good you found a video. you didnt use any colours though.

  5. Nice job gordon, some colour would not hurt and u still could post pictures without the scanner

  6. Hey Gordon you made a good scribepost! I like how your answers were very clear and well explained but next time you should use some more colors. Also,for question 8b, you should have said that you CAN use a line graph but it wont be too effective. Overall your scribepost was great!


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