Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Alex's scribe post september 30/09

13. A) The two circle graphs are meant to represent the same information. Does it appear that way? Explain. The two graphs show the same information in numbers, but on graph A some of the numbers do not work with how much space they take up on the circle graph.

B) Identify the errors in graph A.
The errors on graph A are 35% should be smaller to fit its proper size and 25% should be bigger to fit its proper size.

c)Draw a new graph to represent the data more clearly.
sorry that this picture is blurry.

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  1. Good job alex ! I like how you used different colours !

  2. good job alex, nice pictures, but you forgot your labels 0.0

  3. good job alex! it's easy to understand

  4. the post was good and well presented and good job using colours to so yeah thats all i gotta say is good job

  5. It has cool pictures, sorry im so late on posting lol


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