Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Question 10 on page 25 Chantellm816 September 30. 2009

Question 10:

a) Explain how this graph is misleading.
Here's a link to the graph since I couldn't put the picture on.
The graph is misleading because it makes it look like the music profits were really bad in January. It goes from zero to 200 on the graph and then the rest have an interval of 100. The interval's of the graph aren't the same because of the break.

b) From the graph, what conclusion can you make about the profits from January to June?
The profits in June are much better than in January. The graph shows that in June the profits raised by a very large margin.

c) Draw a new graph using a vertical scale from 0 to 600. What conclusion can you now make about the profits from January to June?
Again I don't have a picture of the graph I made, sorry everybody.
The new graph shows that the profits in January weren't so bad and that the profits in June did not increase a much as it shows on the old graph.

Okay, hope I didn't confuse anybody. I also hope I didn't screw up badly.


  1. good job! it's least u did the best you could..

  2. Good job channy it was a little confusing and the colouring was good but the link may not work for those that don't have a username like those that don't go to our school

  3. good job, you could have included a picture from PAINT or something

  4. good job , but I think you should have added a picture :)

  5. good job , you could have got some more colors into it to make it more representable and have a picture representing the data that the question that you did but atleast you did a post anyway.


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