Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Question 16 on page 26, scribe post, September.30,09

16. An ice cream store developed the following graph to advertise it's ice cream.

*Sorry people, couldn't get the picture.*

a) What ice cream store do you think developed the graph?
I think Cool Flavours developed the graph to make themselves look better and to get more customers. It also makes them look liked they earned way more money than they really did.

b) How is the graph misleading?
The graph is misleading because it makes the Cool Flavours look more popular than they really are. It also makes it look like Cool Flavours earned more money, but they only earned 200 000 more than Dairy Tasty.


  1. well done! you can you paint to make your own picture.

  2. thanks althea i never thought of that.

  3. nice job brianna, you could have included more colour. Also posting the link to might not work for some people like in australia or europe or out of our school

  4. good job Brianna adding a little colour would help, posting the link was creative but some people can't access it but other than that it was good.

  5. Good job , maybe add more color next time?

  6. good job brianna you could have added alittle bit color but if you needed help on thie pic just ask well anyway nice post!


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