Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jasmine's Scribe Post September/29/09

This is for question numbaa: 5.

5. a) How many times taller does the bar for B appear for the bar for A?
-Bar B appears 3 times bigger then the bar A.

b) How many times as great are the votes for B than the votes for A?
-There are 2 times more greater votes for B than A.

c) What conclusion does the graph suggest about the election results?

-Candidate 'B' got the most votes.

d) How could the graph be redrawn to make the data clearer?
-It can start by 100 instead of starting with a 75, and go up by 25.

Please comment!(:


  1. Nice job Jasmine. Good use of colours and picture.

    You could have included a picture of how to redraw it and included "scribepost, graphing" labels

    You also could have made the answers in full sentences.

  2. Good job jasmine good job of using colour but you could have added more to your answers but other than that good job

  3. well done!you explained it really well.

  4. good job jass ! you did a good job :D

  5. good job jasmine you could have made the font different colors to make it more representable instead of using greeen alot but yeah it was ok and nice post!


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