Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This is question number 18

Grade 8 students were surveyed about their weekly use of a computer.
The answer: Draw an other ways to make a graph using the information given.


  1. umm edmil you copied me and althea :/ and your scribe post only had a bit info you could have put more effort into it but nice use of the letters and make the graph a little bit big becuase its a medium size and i can;t see it you could have zoomed up on it but anyway good job :)

  2. Good Job Edmil! I liked that you use pictures and colors but you forgot to add a tittle and a label. You should next time make the pictures more bigger and explain the answer a bit better. Anyways Good Job Edmil Again!

  3. "work" edmil, you didnt put the labels, or the question, or explain how to get the answer, and half your post was the pictures from that site that got copied from althea

    not you deniel

  4. Nice job but it was kinda really short

  5. you should put more datail because it was kind of short and you shouuld make the picture bigger to make it easy to understand..


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