Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jennifer's Scribe Post Sept.30/09

This is For Question Number 11 :]

Charle Kept a Record Of His Math Quiz

11. A) He wants to make a distorted graph that will show a great improvement in his quiz scores. Draw a graph

B) Draw a new graph that displays the data more accurately

C) How are the two graphs different?
Well the line graph changes data over time. In which case Charles had taken 8 quizzes and his scores had gotten better. The bar graph is comparing other math quiz scores that Charles had taken.

Please Comment When Done :]


  1. good job jennifer i liked when you added alot of colors and it represents the post more out and really nice job and you put alot of effort in to it so yeah keep up the good work

  2. i like your scribe post because it's really clear and very understandable:)

  3. good job jennifer on posting, you used the colour effect a bit to much but it was nice, pictures were nice and u explained it nicely.
    Math math math math math math math math math math

  4. good job it was very well organized

  5. good job jen the graph's are very well organized and very easy to read


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