Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bruce's scribepost, sept 29.09

Hi guys,

Today Harbeck told me to make a scribe on what we've done in our foldable.

1.1 Advantages of different graphs

Bar Graphs- are good for comparing data across time.

Double Bar Graphs- are good for comparing two types of data across time.

Circle Graphs- are good for comparing data to the whole using percents. The percents have to be out of 100%.

Line Graphs- are good for showing changes across time.

Pictographs- are good for comparing data that can be easily counted and represented by picture data.

* I couldn't find a picture with exactly all the graphs (Double Bar Graph) in it so I just used the picture above.


1.2 Misrepresenting Data

A break in the y-axis of a graph means the length of the axis has be shortened. The break can be show as...

follow this link to find it on pg.19

Some other ways you could do this to other types of graphs could be...

-Distorting the visuals which would be good for a pictograph.
-Distorting the size of bars which would be good for a bar graph.

here's where you can go to find the other ways of misrepresenting data.

follow this link to find it on page.20

Just to make it easy go to mytextbook.ca, section 1.2 and find pages 19 and 20.
Here you will learn how to misrepresent data.

*sorry I couldn't get the pictures where I wanted them so I just gave you guys the URL.

Thanks for reading and commenting on my scribe post.


  1. good job!!!you explained everything well. you've also make 1 advantages for each differesnt graphs.you put to much space at the bottom.Thanks for doing the blog.

  2. AMAZING JOB BRUCE it was great good use of pictures and good explinations kepp up the good work

  3. Good job bruce great use of colour and awesome picture

  4. good job bruce you got each advantages on each graph example and was cool when you added pictures and explainations so yeah nice job and thanks for doing the blog! :)

  5. good job Bruce! you used the colours very well. keep up the good work! ;)

  6. Hey Bruce. I really liked your scribepost! I really like how you told us exactly what we had to do but you should use some more pictures to show people how they should layout everything in their foldable.

  7. nice job bruce, you had good pictures and awesome detail, you kinda left a big space at the end though


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