Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Question 15 . Page 25

Question # 15
The grade 8 students voted on where to hold their year-end party. The
Results of the vote were presents in this graph .

a) Based on the graph , how many times
more popular was the beach than the
: Based on the graph the beach was
10 times more popular than the park

b) Leah concluded that the majority of the students
students want to go to the beach. Is she correct?
: Yes , Leah is correct by telling
by the graph . Leah had a accurate
result .

c) Draw a new graph to represent the data more accurately

[sorry the numbers look small and hard too see]

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  1. good job brendan but the pictures were kinda blurry. good use of colour and that you showed the answers

  2. good job brendan it was explained very well but the pic i couldn't see and it was blurry so well yeah nice post by the way!


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