Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Althea's Scribepost, Sept. 30/09

a.) From the pictograph, which fruit seems to sell the best? Explain.

- Apples seems to sell best because the line containing the apples is longer than the line for the other fruit.

b.) Does it seem that more cherries were sold or more peaches? Explain.

- It appears that about the same number of each fruit sold because the line representing each type of fruit is approximately the same lenght.

c.) How should the pictograph be redrawn to represent the data more accurately?

- The pictograph should be redrawn so that each symbol is the same size, and the
symbols should be spaced the same distance apart.


  1. good job althea, i liked how you decorated your post and how you explained your answers.

  2. great job althea, i like how you used glitter-graphics to decorate your post to make it more appealing. I also like how you showed pictures of how it was before and after you redrew it. You forgot to put scribepost in the label

  3. Great job Althea! great use of colour and I liked how you didn't just put the textbook picture but your own and the graphics are really cool great job

  4. nice job althea! i liked when you added glitter texture and some pictures to make it more outstanding in the front page keep up the good work and another great job!

  5. good job althea ! I like how you used a lot of color ! I also liked how you took pictures of your own work instead of copying the picture in the book ! :D


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