Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Monica's Scribe Post Sept 30/09

Samantha recorded the temperature on a hot day. She displayed the data in a line graph.

A) Explain how his graph could be misleading.
- The line graph might be misleading because it starts from zero then goes to 29 ( ? )

B)What conclusion does the graph suggest about the changes in temperatures.
- 2 pm had the most temperature.

C)How should the graph been redrawn to make the data more clear.
- It should maybe be in a bar graph

(sorry my answers are bad, and don't make any sence.)


  1. monica you should put the answers.. but you still did the blog

  2. good job monica... but next time try putting the answers in ok

  3. "job" monica, i am not saying good because you basicly put no effort into this other then the picture. You didnt answer any of the questions or give detail, you had some spelling errors, and you didnt put labels =[

  4. Nice try Monica but the post doesn't really show what to do just the questions you should put the answers in there too. And next time read over your scribe because you missed a lot of letters in different places and there are also some spelling mistakes the picture was good though

  5. Good job monica ! But I think you should maybe put a little more effort into it :) OH , and you didn't put labels , but try to remember that next time :D

  6. good job monica you had some mistakes on the post and the picture had no labels so i couldn't understand but atleast you added a pic and some info which means you tried but good post


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