Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BOB and Laura's Ratio Homework and Test Review

Part to Part Ratios:
1) Blue to orange 4:2
2) Pink to Yellow 2:2
3) Red to Brown 2:3
Part to Whole Ratios:
1) Pink to all 2:22 -or- 1:11
2) Peach to all 1:22
3 Part Ratios:
1) Orange to white to purple 2:1:1
2) Blue to pink to green
Ratio Notation:
Equivalent Ratios:
Equivalent Ratios are created by multiplying or dividing each part of the ratio by the same number.
For example: 2:3 = 6:9
I got this answer by multiplying each part of the original ratio by 3, then recording my outcome.
2 x 3 = 6
3 x 3 = 9
In the same way, this number can be simplified. By using the same number, but different operation.
6 divided by 3 = 2
9 divided by 3 = 3
*This is also how you know you did an equivalent fraction correctly*.
Here are your 3 questions:
1) Create 2 DIFFERENT ratios, using the SAME 3 colours.
2) What is the decimal form for the ratio yellow to blue?
3) Give to equivalent ratios for the fraction 4/5.
HAVE FUN!!! :)
Ok, it's time for part 2!
Here are the mistakes I made on my test: (Sorry Mr. Harbeck!)
1) Question #8: A picture frame has a width to length ratio of 5:7. If the width of the photo is 9 cm, the length of the photo is...
a) 11cm
b) 12.6cm
c) 14cm
d) 16cm
The correct answer is b. Because if you divide 5 by 7 you get o.71 and if you divide 9 by 12.6 you get o.71. Therefore they are equivalent ratios.
2) Question 10: A survey of students in the school found that 144 had Motorola cell phones, 60 had Sony phones, 48 had Nokia phones, and 36 had LG phones.
What percent of all of the phones were Motorola?
a) 14.4%
b) 25%
c) 50%
d) 77%
The correct answer is 50% because the sum of all of the phones is 288. If you divide that number by 2 you get 144. 288=100% 288/2=144 100/2=50.
3) Question #14: In a group of 84 students surveyed, the ratio of student preference is seven oatmeal eaters to four granola eaters to three toasted O eaters.
What percent (to one decimal place) of the group prefers toasted O's?
The correct answer is 28%. Because the amount of students who like toasted O's is 18. 84/18=4.67. 4.67 x 6=28.o2. (Rounded to one decimal place is 28.) I multiplied 4.67 by 6 because in order to get 18 students I had to multiply the simplified number of toasted O's eaters by 6.
An example of the wrong answer would be 15.1%. (That's what I put). Right now, I'm not really sure how I got that answer, but I will remember for future tests to do the right thing by reading the question more carefully.
Here are 2 questions to get your brains going! (They are from the test but use different numbers).
Eric is able to stop 58% of the shots on goal. If he faces 30 shots on goal, how many goals would likely be scored on him?
A change purse contains 5 loonies, 12 quarters, 15 dimes, 23 nickles and 45 pennies, (it's a big change purse). Compare pennies to dimes using a ratio. (Express in lowest terms).


  1. 1) -Yellow to green to orange 2:2:2
    -yellow and green to orange 2,2:2

    2)Yellow to blue 2:4 Decimal = o.5


  2. Q1
    -blue to orange to brown 4:2:3
    -blue to brown to orange 4,3:2

    -4:2 blue to yellow
    decimal 0.5

    -12:15 and 16:20

  3. 1)red:orange:blue - 1:2:3
    orange:blue:red - 2:3:1
    2)2:4 - 1:2 - 0.5
    3)4:5 = 8:10

  4. 1. Grey to Orange to Blue

    2. 0.5

    3. 4:5=20:25


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