Monday, October 19, 2009

Asham scribepost Q22 Pg 51-54

22. The side view of a ramp is shown
a)3/11, to put that in lowest terms, I will have to find the Greatest Common Factor.

I'll start by making a factor tree
3- 1 x 3 = 3
11- 1 x 11 = 11

As you can see, the Greatest common factor is 1, so..
3/11 ÷ 1 = 3/11, which means it is already in lowest terms, or it cannot be put in lowest terms.

b) Okay so this question I was kind of confused, I dunno what "slope ratio" is so I looked on wiki, and it said rise divided by run so.. 3 ÷ 11 = 0.27 (rounded to the first two decimal places), but really the answer was like 0.27272727.. and so on..

Expressed as a decimal- 0.27
Expressed as percent - 27%
Expressed as fraction - 27/100



  1. good job explaining! because you used GCF to get your answers for letter a

  2. the slope ratio is the ratio to all 3 answers as a decimal percent and fraction and where is question c?


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