Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gordons Scribepost

Today we learn about the different kinds of ratios, here are a few of them.

Two term ratio-- Compares two amounts of the same unit.

Written as ( a : b or a to b)

Part to whole ratio's - Compares one amount of a group to the intire

Part to part ratio's - Compares different amounts in one group to each other.

Three term ratio's - Compares three amounts of the same unit.

Written as (a : b : c or a to b to c)

and those are the different kinds of ratios we learnd about.


  1. Gordon your not suppose to make a scribepost. but it's okay you still answered the definition that mr. harbeck wants us to do..Telisa is suppose to do the scribe

  2. good job you did a post (even if you weren't supposed to) it was short

  3. good work gordon.. but you should put more than that.


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