Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ratio definitions. Deniel 8-16

Ok you guys! Today we were suppose to define "ratio" in the 4 questions Mr.harbeck gave us so yeah here I go!

Two term ratios: Compares 2 numbers , 2 quantities, and compares 2 fractions in the same unit or question. ( like a:b or a/b or a to be )

Three term ratios: Relates to the question with 3 numbers, fractions, and quantities in the same unit and question. ( like a:b:c or a/b/c or a to b to c )

Part to Part ratios's: Compares different kinds of quantities or amounts in one group and another group or just 1 thing.

Part to Whole: Compares 1 item into one whole or being one joining forming a whole.


Just to remind you guys about doing ratio!

-Change the quantities to the same unit if Necessary
-Write the items in the ratio as a fraction
-And make sure you have the same items in the numerator and denominator!


  1. deniel your not suppose to make a scribe only telisa suppose to do it..but i like the way you explained the different types of ratio's

  2. good job deniel! i like the way you wrote the definitions.. and the colors are a little bit distracting.. goood job anyways!!!

  3. i agree with nadine the colours were a little bit distracting. but good information


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