Friday, October 16, 2009

Althea's Scribepost, question no.5, Oct.16th/09

Today I am doing question no.5 page 52 on Math links 8.

5.) Tyler counted 20 cars in the school parking lot. Of these, 6 were red, 4 were green, and 1 was yellow.

a. Draw a diagram to represent the situation.

- This is what it would look like because it says that Tyler counted 20 cars.1st what I did is I put 6 red cars, 4 green cars and 1 yellow car because that's what that's what Tyler saw, I added those 3 numbers i got 11..then I knew there's was something wrong and it was not equal to 20. So i know now that there are 9 cars left so that means the car that was left was a different color.

b. How many cars were not red, green, and yellow?

- by looking at this picture it looks like there are 9 cars that are not yellow, green, and red.

c. What is the ratio of yellow to green to red cars?

-The ratio of yellow to green to red cars is 1 : 4 : 6

d. What is the ratio of red to total cars? Express the ratio as fraction and a percent.

- The ratio of red to total cars is 6 : 20. If you put this ratio as a fractoin it would look like this 6/20 by looking at this fraction it looks like you could put it in lowest terms. You have to divide 6 to 2 to get 3, then you have to do the same thing to the other side so you have to divide 20 by 2 to get 10 (3/10). For you to get the percent of you have to divide the numerator to denominator ( 3/10) then multiply it by 100 which equals 30%.


Thank you for reading my scribe...and sorry if you didn't understand what I explained..Please comment and tell me how I did:]

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  1. Wonderful Scribe Post Althea! Your Scribe Post have explained how you got your answers, a diagram to show your way on how you think about the question, and the layout was very organized! Again Awesome job Althea!


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