Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ales's 4 4's

Our homework was to find out how 4/4+4/4=2 and 4÷4+4÷4=2 are the same.

4/4+4/4=2 and 4÷4+4÷4=2 are the same because / and ÷ both mean divide by.

So then in 4/4+4/4=2 the only difference is the / does not look the same as the ÷ but it means the same therefor the answer can be 2 for4/4+4/4 and 4÷4+4÷4


  1. good job alex! but put more detail to it i'm sure people would really understand what your trying to say.

  2. why do you think it's the doesm't really tell why they are the same ...would be better if you put more detail

    good job anyways

  3. I think your scribe was too short but good job.

  4. Nice Job Alex! You should next time add more detail when you're trying to explain something. Also I realized that your post was short. Anyways Good Job!

  5. Nice job alex, well explained post.


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