Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BOB on Ratios by Gordon 8-16

Today Mr.H gave us some homework on ratios and a BOB so here it is.

We need to write a certain number of ratios about this picture.

First we need to make 3 Part to Part Patios
1. Vowels to Blue Letters
6 : 9
2. Blue Letters to Red Letters
9 : 6
3. Vowels to Red Letters
6 : 6

Next 2 Part to Total Ratios
1. Vowels to Total
6 : 15
2. Red Letters to Total
6 : 15

And Finally 2 Part to Part to Part Ratios
1. Vowels to Red Letters to Blue Letters
6 : 6 : 9
2. Green Letters to Blue Letters to Consonants
1 : 9 : 8

But were not quite done now I have to convert 1 of these fractions into a ratio notation, a fraction, a decimal, and a percent form.
I chose Vowels to Red Letters

Ratio Notation
6 : 6

I'll re-write the word Ratio as well Vowels/Red Letters



Now heres how to make an equivalent ratio.
An equivalent ratio is a fraction that represents the the same ratio but in a simplified or multiplied form for example
6 : 6 can be represented as 3 : 3 or 12 : 12 or even as high as 6000 : 6000 as long as the amount the ratio represents does not change and it is a multiple or denominator of the original ratio for example 6 : 6 cannot be represented as 12 : 13

And I'm almost done I just have to give you guys 3 questions for you and me to answer in the comments .
1. Create 2 ratios involving consonants.
2. Create and equivalent ratio for the ratio 52 : 70 (but try not to put the same one as someone else)
3. What is the ratio of Red Letters, Blue Letters, to Total?
Don't Forget to study for the upcoming test and don't forget to comment.

Part 2

1. What were the mistakes you made on your test? Show examples of answers that were wrong. What was your mistake?How will you remember what to do in future tests?
I didn't read the questions properly and missed complete portions of the question, for example I missed the words "In lowest Terms" at least twice.
I will remember what to do on future tests by underlining importent parts of the questions and by studying harder.
2. Rewrite two questions that gave you difficulty with different numbers. Answer the questions correctly in the comments to your blog. Encourage others to participate at your blog by getting them to answer your questions.


  1. 1. Consonants to Red Letters
    8 : 6
    Consonants to Total
    8: 15

    2. One equivalent ratio is 104 : 140

    3. It is 6 : 9 : 15

  2. Good job Gordon!

    1)-Blue consonants to red consonants 4:4
    -consonanats to vowels 8:7

    2)52-70 = 26:35


  3. Q1
    -red consonants to blue letters 4:9
    -blue vowels to blue consonants 5:4

    -52:70- 156:210



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