Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nhea's 4/fours, 10/14/09

I know it's a little late but this is my 4/fours. The homework for October, 5th was to explain how (4 ÷ 4) +( 4 ÷ 4) = 2 and (4/4)+(4/4)=2are the same.

I think they are the same because 4/4 signifys ÷ but with numbers over the line instead of dots.

If that doesn`t make sense hopefully this picture helps.


  1. Nhea good job! you explained it quite well..and the picture you made kind of helps. a little bit more information would be better.:)

  2. good work i liked your pictures but it wasn't very long. and it was plain
    if that makes sence

  3. nice job nhea! the picture does help you understand it.. but put more info to it.. anyways good job.. :)


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