Friday, October 16, 2009

Nadine's Scribepost Oct. 16 ,2009

hi guys! mr. Harbeck let us pick some of the questions in page 51-54,
so i picked number 18.

The ratio of the width to the length of the Canadian flag is 1 : 2.
a) The flag on the cover of an atlas is 12 cm wide. How long is it?
-The flag on the cover of an atlas is 25 cm long.

b) A large flag outside a Calgary school is 3 m long. What is its width?
-I think it's 1.5 cm because i divided the 3 by two so its 1.5.

i know it's short, i'm not gonna be suprised if you said that.
so thanks for reading my scribe GOOD NIGHT!


  1. Good job! explaining but it wouuld be better if you show us how you got those answers ..

  2. Nice Job Nadine! I liked how you have used your pictures. Like Althea said you should next time explain how you got your answer when doing your scribe post. Anyways Good job!

  3. Nice, you explained it well, I like how you added the picture :P.

  4. thankyouu guys for the feedback!


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