Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Telisa's Coin Math, October 13/09

- How full is the Canadian Jar ?

In the US jar there are 1280 coins, these coins make up about 3/4 of the jar.
In the Canadian jar there are 370 coins, the fraction of these coins is not yet known.

The size of the jar is about the same and 1280 can be divided into four by 320

370 is bigger than 320 so we can assume that the number of coins will be more then 1/4.
The amount of Canadian coins in the jar would be 50 more coins then 1/4 or 320.
But 1/4 of the jar being filled would be the most practical and easiest to understand.

The above explination would only be if the jar could only hold 1280 US coins....
Different answer:

If the US jar is filled 3/4 of the way by 1280 coins.
1280 divided by three is 426 (rounded) so we can say that 1/4 of the full jar is 426.
1280 + 426 = 1706

My thoughts are that the full capacity of the jar is 1706 coins.
If 1/3of the jar is 568 then I can say that the number of Canadian coins is less then 1/3.
1/4 of the jar is 426, 370 is less then 426, there are less canadian coins then 1/4 of the jar.
1/5 of the jar is 341.

I would say that the ratio of how full the canadian jar is, is between 1/4 and 1/5 of the full capacity.


How long will it take to fill the Jar if you put one coin in each day ?

A full jar would be 1706. There are 365 days in a year, 1706 divided by 365 is 4.67,
so I believe that it would take 4 years and 67 days to fill the jar.


If you start on January 1st 2010, when have you filled your jar? What day did you stop on ?

If you started to fill your jar in 2010, according to my previouse calculation you would finish in 2014 on the 8th of March.


  1. good job telisa! and well explained:)

  2. nice job telisa, u did both of the parts for homework in 1 blog u lucky person.

    Nice explanation on your answers

    then again, like justin, your way of getting the answer to the total amount of coins was unique and different

  3. good jod you explained everything well and it was long (good thing). it would be good if you put a picture or diagram. also you should use different colours for each thing you talking about

  4. nice telisa!, i like your explaination on the first question.. because there's lots of detail. good job!, keep it up!


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