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BOB on RATIOS by:Chantell M of 8-16

So, to make it simple this a BOB on ratios. Got that? Good. So for my BOB on ratios, I will be using the crayon picture. Mr. Harbeck said this would be a dandy way to prepare for a test so why not? Here are some questions I've come up with to hurt your head. I mean help you learn. If you want to up your grade in math, post your answers in a comment.

^(this picture right here)

1)Come up with 3 part to part ratios. Do NOT forget to put down a word ratio first!

2)Come up with 2 part to whole ratios and if possible simplify your answer.

3)Take the simplified ratio and explain how simplifying works. Also explain the stpes you took to get your answer.

Okay, so I could only come up with three questions. Big whoop. I understand that you might have come up with more, but I don't give a hoot. It's Harbeck who's breathing down your neck not me. (If your reading this Harbeck, you know you're cool right?)

PLEASE comment like your life depended on it. 8-16's reputation is at stake! (is it steak or stake... never mind) I'll leave my answers in a comment just like you will.

Bye now.... You know you can leave right? Why won't you go away? Geez...

Hello again my fellows. We had a math test a while back, and boy did I blow it. I got questions wrong, to put it simply.
1) What were mistakes that you made on the test?
Let's see. I wasn't able to simplify ratios on one question. And I also messed up on finding percents. In a future tests I'll remember to use a ratio table when finding percents.
2)Re-written questions.
Eric is able to stop 85% of shots on the goal. If he faces 27 shots on goal, how many will likely be scored on him. (answer in comments)
You have a bag with one white ball, six red balls, eight green balls and three purple balls. In lowest terms, what is the ratio of red balls to the whole bad of balls? (word ratio in red)

Please people, comment your answers. You don't want me to cry do you? Wait, you do? *sniffs* So cruel.


  1. My anwers people!

    green to blue 3:3
    gold to silver 1:1
    blue to gold 3:1
    green to whole 3:12 simplified 1:4
    gold to whole 1:12 unable to simnplify
    3)3:12 simplified is 1:4 right? If you get it, 1 divided by 3 is one and 12 divided by 3 is four. So the ratio is now 1:4.
    A simplified ratio is also an equivalent ratio. If you multiply 1 by 3 you get three and 4 multiplied by 3 you get 12.

  2. 1. yellow to blue - 2:3
    blue to green - 3:3
    silver to gold - 1:1

    2. blue to whole - 3:12 - 1:4
    yellow to whole - 2:12 - 1:6

    3.3:12 = 1:4 because if you multiply 1 by 3 you will get 3 and if you multiply 4 by 3 you will get 12 .
    2:12 = 1:6 because if you divide 2 by 2 you will get 1 and if you divide 12 by 2 you will get 6 .

  3. Good job Chantell!

    1)red to green 2:3

    2)blue to green 3:3

    3)Silver to orange 1:1

    1)red to whole 2:12 -or- 1:6

    2)blue to whole 3:12 -or- 1:14

    When you simplify a ratio you are just making it smaller. But remember, *WHAT YOU DO ONE SIDE, YOU DO TO THE OTHER.*

    For example, 2:12 is epqual to 1:6 becuse, to get from 2-1 you divide by 2, and to get from 12-6 you divide by 2.

  4. Q1
    -pink to blue-2:3
    -green to gold-3:1
    -silver to purple-1:1

    -pink to total 2:12 or 1:6
    -green to whole 3:12

    yellow to total 2:12
    if you simplify it you'll get 1:6 because i divided 2 by 2 to get 1 and i also divided 12 by 2 to get six to make the ratio smaller.
    i divided them both by 2 because whatever you did to the 1st side you have to the other side

  5. Nice Job Chantell!

    1. I need to create 3 part to part ratios
    Purple to Blues = 1:3
    Green To Blue = 3:3
    Silver To Gold = 1:1

    2.Blues To Whole = 3:12 Simplify it would be 1:4
    Yellow To Whole = 2:12 Simplify it would be 1:6

    3. Simpliftying a ratio is just making the ratio smaller and easier to use. For example 3:12 when it's simplify , it's 1:4. I got that by dividing it by 4

  6. 1.Blue to Green
    3 : 3
    Silver to Gold
    1 : 1
    red to pink
    1 : 2
    2.gold to total
    1 : 12
    blue to total
    3 : 12 = 1:4
    3.Simplifying is taking a ratio or a fraction and making it into lowest possible terms. I got 1:4 by dividing 3 and 12 by 3.

  7. answers to part 2

    1) If Eric can stop 85 percent of goals. Out of 27, four will be scored on him.

    simplified: 1:3


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