Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My post from friday and Today

Ok you guys I know i made a late post but Im doing the second one so yeah here i go.

Question 1: How full is the Canadian jar?

In the U.S jar you guys know that there is 3/4 coins in that jar and the Canadian jar there is 370 coins which could 1/4 i guess.The Canadian jar could be anything and any solution but the thing is it depends how much is in there.So i estimated that there could be about 200 pennies, 50 nickels, 100 dimes and 20 quarters but the fact about this question is that it could be more then 370 or maybe higher then that but could make about 5$ or even 3$ to it.


Question 2: How long will it take to fill the if you put one coin each day?

It depends how much and how many days you add 1 coin each and everyday but the fact is that how much the jar can hold and how much capacity.So I estimated again and each coin from the U.S would take about 3 years including counting the days which is 370 but it depends how much you put each day but in my opinion and if you want my opinion is would take 3 years in July 9th.
So here is my solution for this problem:
$00.01- Would take about 10 000 days to complete this jar in about 365 0000 days to complete.
$00.05- Would take about 5000 days to complete this in about 1825 000 days to complete the jar.
$00.10- Would take about 2500 days to be a-little complete or not but will take 912500 days to complete.
$00.25- Would take about 1250 days to not be complete but can be about 2/4 but the days I estimated will be 456 250 days to complete I guess.


Since I was late here are the questions for the old post i never did:

Question 1: What is the most common coin?

In my solution I used probability because it depends on the color because the pennies are $00.01 and they are small to be recognized and they are the ones that cost cheap so pennies are the most coins in the jar and i estimated that there could be about 2000 coins or less in that jar.

Question 2: How can we make $100 in that jar?

In my opinion there are many ways to make $100 in that jar.
My first solution is that it could be 10 000 pennies to make $100 in that jar.
Or also making 500 nickels to make $100 in that jar.
There are many ways you can make 100 in that jar and also estimating how to make $100.


  1. Hey Deniel. I really like your post. I like how you used lots of colors but for question 2, what date would you finish filling up the jar? Also, how long would it take to fill up the jar if you filled it up with more than one type of coin? Overall you did very good!

  2. Nice job deniel, it was eye catching. You could have included what exact date you would finish filling the jar to $100.

    What what it be if you had more then 1 coin in the jar?

    You put some extra labels that you weren't supposed to so i suggest you get rid of them b4 harbeck sees them and makes u lose marks.

    I dont understand why you did "$00.01" because of the extra 0.

    Overall i think you deserve a 9/10 with effort :D

  3. good job it was nice and long and you used alot of colour

  4. good job! VERY well explained...I like the way you explained question no.2..



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