Saturday, October 17, 2009

BrendanM's scribe post on pg 17

Heey 8-16! Yesterday , Mr . Harbeck assigned us questions on the math book .. My question was # 17 . So here I go..

A) The ratio of passengers is 1:3 in lowest term .
B) The answers for B is 3/11 , 0.27 and 27 . 27 %

PLEASE COMMENT!! and i know its short so don't bother commenting say that it is....AND PLEASE SAY IF ANYTHING IS INCORRECT!(:


  1. Nice job Brendan! I liked that you have used a picture for your post. But you could have explained how you have gotten your answer. Anyways Good Job!

  2. Nice post, well explained answers.

  3. you should show or explained us how you got your answers.


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