Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stephanie's BOB and Ratio homework

Heeeeeeeeeeeey Guuuuuuuuuuuys :)

Part to Part Ratios:
1) Blue to Pink 4:2
2) Red to Yellow 2:2
3) Green to Blue 3:4

Part to Total Ratios:
1) White to Total 1:22
2) Yellow to Total 2:22

3 Part Ratios
1) Blue to Pink to Black 4:2:1
2) Green to White to Red 3:1:2

The ratio I'm going to be using for the next 5 forms is 1:4.
Ratio Notation:
How to make an equivalent ratio:

And whatever you do to the top you do the bottom.

3 Questions:
1) What is the ratio for common colors to total?
2) Give me 2 three part ratios.
3) What is the ratio for dark to light colors?

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heey guuuys :)

So Mr. Harbeck told us to make a scribe about our mistakes and what not.

The mistakes I had on the test was:

Number 5) Eric is able to stop 85% of the shots on goal. If he faces 27 shots on goal, how many goals would likely be scored on him?
- I guessed on that one because I didn't get it. I picked B
I was suppose to make a ratio of stops to total.
Stops 85% ?
------- ------ = ------
Total 100% 27

Number 8) A picture frame has a width to length ratio of 5:7. If the width of the photo is 9cm, the length of the photo is
- I guess on that one to, because I didn't get it either. I picked C
I was suppose to make a ratio of w:l
7x1.8= 12.6

What I had difficulty on was.

Number 17) Use the data in the table below to determine which sports teams have equivalent scored by to scored against ratios.

Team | Scored by | Scored against
Baseball | 10 | 8
Team A | |
Basketball| 115 | 92
Team A | |
Hockey | 6 | 4
Team A | |

Number 18) In a student election Carol gets 60% of the votes. If there were 485 votes cast, how many votes did carol get?

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